Discover Bizhub

Citra Aerolink bizhub concept is The International Business Hub, a premium integrated multifunction project with international standard. Location between the international airport and seaport, bring Citra Aerolink a logistic export-import convenience and endless possibilities to support robust industrial demand.

Developed in four types of units which created to adjust with you business need – Bronze, Silver, Carbon and Platinum type from the compact 30 meters-long to the spacious 42 meter-long. The layout of each unit is thoroughly designed to be an all-purpose warehouse that let stored the stock and oves around freely to accomodate operation processes.

The warehouse also design with future potential expantion in line with the business growth. Eco Building Concept; some part of the roof will be transparent to minimize the usage of electricity for lighting, while in the metal part, they will equipped with heat insulation. Cross ventilation system to ensure the good ventilation and reduce room temperature. Green Wall Installed in each unit, it is also expected that the micro climate temperature will decrease.